A proposal for gun debate

It is one of our founding principles that every citizen should have the right to own a firearm. It is written into the U.S. Constitution as an amendment, the 2nd to be exact.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

This is the amendment that everyone is saying is being “trampled” by the gun control crowd. I have yet to hear about a plan is to take guns away or totally ban gun sales. That would be a trampling. However, better controlling access to guns, especially the guns that can kill on a large scale, is a great idea. Criminal records, mental health and social well-being of those who will have access to the guns, as well as your plan for securing the gun from kids and “theft” should be considered.

For those of you that have issues with this, or feel like an extensive background check is an invasion of your privacy, your selection of guns may be a little limited, like a musket, since that was the gun of choice when the 2nd Amendment was written. This way, if you don’t want to make assurances that you’re sane, you’ll secure the weapon and have no ill will towards your family, friends, co-workers or mankind, at least you’ll be limited to one shot per minute, or so, if you practice.

Oh, so you want a modern gun? Then you must be participate in an extensive (and probably expensive) background and mental health check for entire, immediately family or anyone who will have access to the weapon. You must demonstrate that you can secure the gun, and guarantee that you will. And, you must be responsible for anything that happens with gun. If it’s used for murder or any other crime, you go to trial, too, for aiding in a felony.

Given these new, (I know) heavy-handed requirements for modern gun ownership, the process of buying and selling guns will be slowed down a bit, but that’s not so bad. We are talking about guns, right? And those of you who sell guns and say it will hurt your sales and limit your ability to sell at guns shows, you’re right, it will. Actually, you will probably only be able to sell musket rifles at gun shows, since they won’t have the extensive, time-consuming restrictions. But don’t start bitching and whining about it — you deal in guns and there should be a very high level of responsibility and accountability that goes along with it. If you can’t make a living under these circumstances, there are millions of other things you can sell.

Yes, this is restrictive for both buyers and sellers. Maybe the NRA will step in an quash this whole debate, since that’s what they do — raise enough stink and start enough fires to create enough uncertainty for Congress to fear their next elections, thereby preventing any real decisions to be made. And the really interesting thing about the NRA is, that while they don’t want to loose the gun rights battle, they don’t want to win it either. Even if the NRA could move Congress to allow you to buy anything at any time, with little or no restrictions, the result would leave nothing for the NRA to do, no “cause” with which to stoke the fire that creates motivation to donate to the NRA so that they can “fight” for you. They’re just playing you, keeping you fearful of loosing your guns, so that you will continue to pay your membership and donate. Think about it — are they really doing anything constructive?

Cowards with guns

Another school shooting and another debate about gun control, this time with an added discussion about mental illness. This is because this particular coward , Adam Lanza, was obviously mentally unstable. However, I think anyone willing to point a gun at another person, in an aggressive act, has to be a bit unstable. It’s unnatural to desire to take another person’s life. But this guy had lots of issues that really needed professional help

I refer to people like Adam Lanza as cowards because the are afraid to take the hard path to deal with people. Maybe they don’t have the social skills, due to upbringing or even being bullied. But they do realize they have been wronged and known they should do something.

Some of you may feel I shouldn’t even mention his name for fear that the next cowardly Lanza wanna-be will read this and want the same recognition for their cowardly accomplishments. But I want those cowardly wanna-bes to Google his name and read this, and know they are cowards — not heroes or martyrs. They are cowards for not seeking a better and longer lasting solution to their problems.

I know it can be tough for these kids (and young adults) — a much tougher time than it was when I was a kid. But there are a lot more resources for seeking help and solutions for any problem. Just use your head. Reach out, people are willing to help.

So what about the easy access to guns?  Well, this kid had it really easy. His mother was a gun enthusiast and thought it might bring him out of his shell and make him a man. It didn’t, cause he was mentally ill and she didn’t want to deal with that. And see how the coward thanked her? She was #1 on his list of victims. Some say she deserved it, but she was obviously confused as to how to help her son. And it didn’t help that she left him to fend for himself while she took vacations with his brother. Maybe she did deserve it. No, she deserved help but was too stupid to seek it. And her ex-husband is, too.

How do we solve this problem, though? She bought the guns legitimately, and the system didn’t slow her down a bit. But the system isn’t stringent enough to dig into the personal lives of the buyers to know they have something crazy in their family. That would be an intrusion into their personal lives – whoa, too much! But come on, you’re giving someone access to a WEAPON with mass killing abilities — and that doesn’t even include the semi-automatic weapons. Background checks don’t include crazy family members. They should be more comprehensive, passing the cost along the buyer.

Also, it’s just WAY too easy to get a gun. At least with a driver’s license you have to take a test, including one that proves you can actually drive, safely. And the examiner can fail you if he or she feels you are unsafe or unqualified. We have to bring this on par, or higher, with getting the right to drive a car. First time gun buyers should take classes, maybe even a psychological exam.

Then there is accountability from gun retailers. It’s pathetic how little retailers have to maintain about gun purchases.  And they whine about background checks at gun shows. Come on — your business is selling LETHAL WEAPONS. You must be accountable and need remember that you could be indirectly responsible for killing innocent people. If you don’t like the paperwork and accountability, go sell cars or dishwashers or something.

Something has to change. It’s way past time. The answers won’t be easy, but it’s no longer easy to get on an airplane, either. Times have changed and we need to deal with it.

See you in 2013, Mr. Black Thursday retailer

Yes, I talking to you Target, K-Mart, Toys-R-Us, Michaels and Walmart. Of course, I never set foot in Walmart any way, but don’t get me started about that. This is about the erosion of American values. Can’t we take a day and relax with families, give thanks for all we have and remember our heritage without the lure and bombardment of retailers trying to make a buck on this special day in American history?

I feel the saddest for those forced to work at these retailer. The economy is in such poor shape that these people can’t even afford to take a stand and quit their jobs. Yes, some Walmart employees used it as the last straw to strike on Black Thursday and Friday, but Walmart’s attitude was something along the lines of “Don’t worry suckers shoppers, we have plenty of employees for Black Friday — it wan’t affect your greed shopping.”

And even Casey St. Claire’s petition at Change.org didn’t change their minds. She claims they took her seriously, but they didn’t change their mind and remain closed for Thanksgiving.

On the flip-side, the American public took advantage of this opportunity and went shopping on Thanksgiving. So who’s fault is this really? I blame the retailers. They hold the keys to their doors and didn’t have to open. Yes, people shopped. But if they couldn’t, they would have remained in their homes with their family and/or friends. American retailers should understand that they have a responsibility to do the right thing. Their actions can affect American culture and, in this instance, they helped make Thanksgiving just another day.

Therefore, I, like a lot of other people, won’t be setting foot in these stores (or clicking on their websites) until 2013.